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Financial Chaos

It Allows Greed To Rule

Unfair For All

For centuries this country existed on the principle that if it can't be fair for everyone, it must be equitable for most. But with the rise of Creeping Conservatism, everything from taxes to Free Speech has been replaced by economic religiosity. The rich are all-knowing in the ways of "God" and man and the only way to prosperity is to make them, through their "God" rich. The 70s to now has seen one of the greatest shifts - positive or negative - in taxation in our history. The tax code has been tilted towards the rich and corporations and they've given their thanks by moving trillions of dollars and millions of jobs overseas.

The Age of Unfettered Capitalism - trillions overseas and millions of starving children

Now understand this isn't some blistering op-ed on the dangers of money, but an indictment of greed. The greed that drives what are impossible growth targets to maintain the businesses that are selling products and services as best they can.


This type of growth is becoming more difficult as all off the possible markets are opened to our DOW. This has caused a fevered growth of M&A which itself will also reach its zenith, where more acquired services fail. These failures aren't always so obvious because overall company earnings may dilute the effects until restructuring occurs. Two excellent examples are Microsoft and Intel. Large companies with nearly clockwork growth. Both attempted the same new markets and both failed miserably. This is mainly due to the established mobile players having a different business model. ARM as a business model is more flexible and agile where MS and Intel have used a monolithic approach where 90% is in-house and there is little external supply chain. These events forced change in both companies at this point:

  • Microsoft Wrote Off $7B for its Nokia Purchase in 2015
  • Intel is in 2016 laying off workforce and abandoning mobile
  • Both are becoming more-cooperation friendly
  • Time will tell

Usual Suspects

Ineffective Yet Deadly

Building Our Destruction

Kentucky, which expanded Medicaid and operated a state-run exchange, achieved a big reduction in its uninsured rate, largely through Medicaid. With more than one-quarter of the state's residents now enrolled in that program, finding and signing up more eligible people may not be easy, said Lisa Lee, deputy commissioner of the state's Department for Medicaid Services. "It's almost like looking for a needle in a haystack at this point, but we will continue our aggressive outreach," she said.

Obamacare reduced the number of people without health insurance by 10.3 million people in 2014

Certain segments of the population also proved more difficult to reach during the initial sign-up period. Sign-ups of Hispanics lagged behind those of other groups, even though the uninsured rate is higher among Hispanics. People who have less education, live in remote rural areas, are disconnected from community or religious groups, are homeless, don't have Internet access or don't consume news often may not always know that new programs are in place. And smaller numbers of people will find they can't afford even subsidized insurance, or will simply opt to remain uncovered.

Improving public understanding of the subsidies appears to be crucial to boosting enrollment. More than half of the people who signed up were aware there was financial assistance available, compared to just over one-quarter of those who didn't enroll, the survey shows. Likewise, nearly half of people who didn't try to enroll believed they couldn't afford it, according to the survey."There was sometimes a mismatch between perception and reality," said Jenny Sullivan, director of Enroll America's Best Practices Institute. "They didn't necessarily have the knowledge that financial help was available."

And it's unclear whether customers were aware what made the fries lower in calories. Burger King said Satisfries used a different type of batter to prevent some oil from being absorbed by the potatoes during frying. But the company did not have signs in restaurants explaining the difference between Satisfries and regular fries.It's just one of the gambits by Burger King since investment firm 3G Capital took it public again 2012. Other moves have included the return of the "Big King," which resembles a Big Mac and a "French Fry Burger," which is essentially a burger with four french fries smashed on top.

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