EbonFEMME has now gone LIVE. As we work on Version 2, we will be adding the type of stories that edify and enlighten.

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Zine Privacy Statement

Welcome to your AutoZINE. Not only do we strive to make your user experience the best it can be we also take pain-staking care in protecting information you give to us. We never share your information with marketers or hackers if we can help it. We use several layers of protection to achieve this goal and we hope that you will find us suitable for you news and information needs. Various policies may include "we" or "us" which refers only to EbonFemme and AutoSoft agents.

The information that is collected in the registration is only used to match members to local events or to emphasize local news. This information is limited to city, state and zip. We do require names from official identification documents but we allow all consumers to choose a UNIQUE display name. This display name can be changed at any time by the member whether a free or paid user.

We will never share any identifiable info1 with other members and your login name will never be available to any parties but us. We will never store any payment information but will always remind you when your current membership is about to expire (one email at 30 days prior, and one each day at 14 days left).

Any complaints registered can be considered confidential unless not allowed by law as we want to avoid conflict and enable a stress-free environment for all members to Own, Share and Use their news.
We use world-class HTTPS encryption so you can be sure everything you send is secure between your chosen platform and our servers.

AutoSOFT can override any decisions made as the developer of the software but we will always defer to the operators of web site itself unless it creates a conflict of interest with the AutoSOFT mission statement.

Comments and Posts

Comments, Forum Posts, Forum Topics and Events are all visible to all members and can be subject to alteration or removal. Private Chats are not subject to removal but are expected to maintain a stress-free interaction. We feel that if you can't say it in public around anyone, it shouldn't be added as content.

We will always send a notification clearly explaining any edits or removals. For the most part we will remove member-supplied content only when the amount of negative reviews exceed the number of positive reviews and more members comment negatively than positively.

Attacks on other members will not be tolerated and you can be subject to refund of you membership fees and expulsion. As previously stated we don't unilaterally make decisions but allow members to express displeasure with any content. To avoid abuse of the "Report" button we do not include one but depend on the voting system to determine violations.Though our pay wall does require electronic payments2, we expect that members will not create "offensively adult" content including gratuitous nudity, excessive and unnecessary offensive profanity or content that demeans. We can all subjectively offer arguments, but "polite conversation" remains as always, emblematic of of a successful community.

The same rules apply to all interactive content areas so that all are stress-free and democratic.

Zine Code of Conduct

AutoZINEs are a place for information. We do not allow emotional outbursts, but you can defend your principles when attacked. We suggest using the DownVote Button rather than starting a long argument which can lead to offensive or combative statements. We will NEVER cancel your account for these types of violations but we will remove or edit all3 content and restrict the ability to share content if the behavior continues.

Direct attacks on individuals or groups will cause suspension of privileges for commenting dependent upon severity though you will not be blocked from reading news. We will not refund any portion of your subscription during suspensions. If Events are found to be fomenting illegality or disruption, members can be permanently removed and refunded subscription fees and are subject to being reported to law enforcement officials as required or requested. We do comply with legally presented information requests including comments, forum topics and posts and public chat.

Zine Membership and Refund Policies

Ebon FEMME is a hybrid free/pay site that allows reading of all news for free memberships and for $24 per year access to other services such as: interactive comments, public forums, public event announcements, private and public chat, exclusive interviews with ceiling-breakers and podcasts .

All members are able to submit ideas for relevant articles or even submit a complete article. Articles submitted can count towards subscription fees for the next billing cycle4.Subscriptions are pro-rated in the event you wish to cancel. You will of course still have access to all news but access to additional features is removed. This is done to enable us to operate on subscriptions rather than advertising (databases aren't free). We do try to work with product and service providers to offer special prices for members.

Though we create all users as public, we do allow members to set accesses private, requiring an invite. This is done to allow members to interact as they see fit while also allowing full transparency if desired. We follow the laws on the books about threats, free speech and demeaning others. Membership durations always are always ONE CALENDAR YEAR from midnight on the day. Prorating is based on a weekly increment as it takes time to archive user content for retrieval if the membership is ever reinstated. One (1) month is two dollars ($2) and each week is fifty cents ($.50).

  1. Identifiable information includes email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers or full names.
  2. We do not record ANY card info including identifiable information.
  3. Editing of content involves replacing content with various conduct or comment policies.
  4. Submitted content requires the highest journalistic standards and Editor updates can affect any prorating.

Prorating and Refund Info

  • Though we hope to offer a helpful and stress-free experience delivering the news and information you are interested in, convincing you to remain a loyal customer, you can ALWAYS cancel your account. Refunds are prorated at FIFTY CENTS ($.50) per week and TWO DOLLARS ($2.00) per month. Weekends are not counted. In order to help us remain ad-free canceling in the first month applies a TWO DOLLAR ($2.00) charge to your membership. Full Access is maintained during this time.
  • When you cancel your membership, prorating begins at midnight the night of cancellation. After that all access is removed except for the ability to read unlimited news stories.
  • There is a TWO DOLLAR ($2.00) charge to maintain your account data. Your data will be held until the end of your current membership period. We will send you reminders once a month before full expiration.
Example Refunds: Member Fee Time 1 Month Min Keep Data Total Refund
$24.00 1 month(s) $2.00 Yes ($2.00) $20.00
$24.00 $0 6 month(s), 2 week(s) ($2.00 x 6) + ($.50 x 2) = $13.00 No ($0.00) $11.00

Support REAL News

In today's world of meme news and drama channels, we found it important to create a news and information outlet that covers more than celebrities and politics. To do that we need our readers to help us avoid using ad-serving and click bait stories.

We accept any amount you find appropriate and larger donations will receive membership and/or extensions. We allow all to view the news but we want you to make AutoZINEs your community so it's designed with Chat areas, Forums, Events and Comments. Of course storing content isn't free so we need our community to support itself when possible. Thank You The Editors