EbonFEMME has now gone LIVE. As we work on Version 2, we will be adding the type of stories that edify and enlighten.


What Is An AutoZINE?

  • News, not distractions

  • Articles are tabbed for quick loading and less scrolling.
  • Articles pages don't contain distractions, just the story, author and comments.
  • All our stories are easily searchable by Area and Edition
  • Chat | Forums | Events | Polls | Interviews | Podcasts

  • Chat with any user or join groups to discuss news topics.
  • Contribute to and create forums about topics important to you.
  • Create Events such as birthday parties and blood drives.
  • View Interviews with Relevant Ceiling Breakers
  • Listen to Weekly PodCasts About Recent Events.
  • Ad Free Independence

  • We avoid ads on our site as they slow down the site, filtering the news experience.
  • For a small fee we offer you a sanctuary from dancing spaghettis.
  • We guarantee our news smart, free from bias and relevant to your world.
  • Promote Your Own Content

  • When you become a Member you can submit your own stories.
  • You will receive an editor and the tools we require.
  • Great for serious bloggers to expand their reach.

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Support REAL News

In today's world of meme news and drama channels, we found it important to create a news and information outlet that covers more than celebrities and politics. To do that we need our readers to help us avoid using ad-serving and click bait stories.

We accept any amount you find appropriate and larger donations will receive membership and/or extensions. We allow all to view the news but we want you to make AutoZINEs your community so it's designed with Chat areas, Forums, Events and Comments. Of course storing content isn't free so we need our community to support itself when possible. Thank You The Editors